World Dominating Empress Physician

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Tier 4 Pill II

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Old Master Lan did not react, as if he had not heard the maidservant’s words. However, the corner of his eye could not help but drift toward the doorway.

Under the sunlight, the stunning white figure that looked as if it had come from a painting fell into their line of sight.

The Bai Yan back then had never once stepped into the Lan family residence, but Lan Yu had previously seen the young her.

The scrawny Bai Yan at that time was timid and frequently hid behind Bai Xiao, who was a head shorter than her, not daring to pop her head out.

The current woman was slender and graceful, her smile was confident and perfect. There wasn’t a shadow of her timidity in her back then.

Lan Yu lamented in his heart. She had actually gone through such great changes after leaving the Bai family all these years. magic

“Hmph!” Old Master Lan swept a glance at Bai Yan and snorted. “Who allowed you all to bring this brat in here? I don’t wish to see her!”

Old Madam swept a glance at Old Master Lan. “Since that’s the case, then I shall bring Yan’er away right now in order to prevent her from being yelled at by you the moment she returns!”

After she finished speaking, she turned around, held Bai Yan and said. “Yan’er, let’s go. In the future, you don’t have to be bothered about this old man!”

“You...” Old Master Lan was so upset that he couldn’t catch his breath and started coughing vehemently.

Lan Yu immediately went forward, stroking Old Master’s chest.

The old master managed to recover his breath after much difficulties before he spoke with his old face flushed. “Since she’s already back, the world would say I’m unreasonable if I were to chase her away again! I shall reluctantly let her stay, then.”

Could it be that this old woman did not know that he was merely looking for a stage for him to come off? But she was not even the least bit cooperative and even wanted him to put down his pride to make her stay.

“Yan’er, your maternal grandfather is really not the least bit truthful. Just now, when he received news of your return, he made Yu’er get Old Lady Sun to pick you up. In the end, because Yu’er’s actions were a little slower, he was almost scolded to death by this old man.” The old madam’s face was full of smiles. Now that Yan’er was back, they could finally put their worries aside.

Old Master Lan saw that the old madam had revealed his shortcomings and immediately became angry, huffing his beard and glaring, so much so that his entire face was red.

“Uncle, can I take a look and see what sickness Maternal Grandfather has?” Bai Yan looked at Lan Yu and said.

Bai Yu was stunned, but he did not think too much and nodded. “You can feel free to do so. We already have no way to deal with Father’s sickness...”

After Lan Yu had finished speaking, Bai Yan had already arrived before the old master’s bed. She had merely made a rough examination and got an estimation of the situation.

“Maternal Grandfather’s bodily functions are deteriorating and even his organs are failing. If this continues, perhaps Maternal Grandfather will not be able to hold on for more than a couple of years.”

Lan Yu’s heart tightened as he said with a bitter laugh. “I had previously gotten some pill masters to take a look at Father’s illness. They had also said more or less the same thing as you have. Furthermore, they even said that only a Tier 4 pill, the Rebirth Reconstitution Pill could save him. But... in this mainland, pills are extremely precious. I’m afraid that even the royal family also merely have a couple of Tier 4 pills...”

Many years ago, the Lan family did all they could to buy countless pills for Lan Yue and those pills were all at Tier 3. Despite Tier 3 and Tier 4 pills being merely a tier different, their prices were as different as the sky and the earth.

Furthermore, in the entire Liu Huo Kingdom, there were not many Tier 4 Pill Masters.

Bai Yan looked at Lan Yu before looking at Old Master Lan and Old Madam. She touched her own nose. “Very coincidentally, I also have a Tier 4 Rebirth Reconstitution Pill with me. It is just that this Rebirth Reconstitution Pill was refined by my master during practice and the effects are merely mediocre. However, saving Maternal Grandfather shouldn’t be too much of a problem.”

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