World Dominating Empress Physician

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Birth of Baby Fox V magic

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“No one is able to threaten or force me into doing things that I’m unwilling to.” Bai Yan was expressionless as her gaze had a chilling gleam.

Yu Rong laughed and said in contempt, “I’ll take it that you think life isn’t fair and therefore resist your destiny. After all, your previous fiancé will be marrying my daughter soon. Your statuses are as different as the sky and the earth!”

“Actually, if not for the fact that you still have a maternal grandparent’s home, do you think that the emperor would bestow you a marraige to the second prince? Or do you think you’re comparable to my Ruo’er? Honestly speaking, my Ruo’er is knowledgeable and gifted. Only she is worthy to be the princess consort.”

“Not only so but in the future, Ruo’er will become the mother of the nation while you’re only worthy of looking up to her from within the dust.”

Her Ruo’er was so outstanding. How was she someone Bai Yan could compare with?

That was really such a joke!

“I feel that you, on the other hand, only have one use, which is to be used in exchange for a Tier 3 pill. In order to remember your sacrifice, I’ll let you take a look when the Tier 3 pill is in my hands. Otherwise, trash like you would never even see a Tier 3 pill in your entire lifetime!”

Bai Yan laughed. In her past life, she could even refine a Tier 8 pill, not to mention a Tier 3 pill.

“If you’ve all called me over today merely to talk about these, then let me advise you to save your energy!” Bai Yan’s indifferent glance swept past the two people in the room. “However, I, Bai Yan, will clearly remember today’s matter. In the future, I’ll make all of you pay back for each and every grievance!”

In the future?

Old Madam Yu’s face was full of disdain. ‘When she enters the Qian family, would she still have a future?’

After Bai Yan left those words behind, she casually turned around and left. Without looking back, she who was dressed in red slowly disappeared under the quiet, evening sunlight.


After leaving Yu Rong’s room, Bai Yan directly entered her own room and calmly sat cross-legged at the head of her bed.

If there had been someone around then, that person would have noticed a faint Zhen Qi flowing into her body.

This thread of Zhen Qi was a faint yellow. It was a trait that only the Yellow Tier would possess.

“In the period of three months and only reaching the Yellow Tier Advance Stage, this speed of promotion in stages is too slow. If I could refine pills now, I could improve this body’s constitution and there will be a severalfold increase in my speed.”

Of course, the previous Bai Yan was merely at the Human Tier Advance Stage and was not even comparable to a maidservant. At the very least, maidservants would have the cultivation abilities of the Yellow Tier Beginner Stage.

The reason why she could reach Yellow Tier Advance Stage was also the fruit of her cultivation for months...

The sky very quickly turned dark.

The dark night was very quiet.

Rustling could be heard from outside the door and Bai Yan knew that the people from the Qian family had arrived.

As expected, two maidservants entered from outside with a cold expression. “Follow us.”

Bai Yan did not say a word as she slowly stood up and walked toward the outside of the room.

Outside the side door, a sedan chair was long awaiting. As everyone knew of Bai Yan’s cultivation abilities, the people that the Qian family had sent were not any experts but rather just a few Yellow Tier Beginner Stage maidservants and manservants.

After those people made Bai Yan enter the sedan chair, they drew the sedan chair curtains and quickly rushed toward the Qian family.

The roads they took were very remote, perhaps extremely fearful that someone would notice them.

Just at this moment, smoke appeared with a bang. The sedan chair suddenly fell and dropped to the ground heavily.

“What is going on?”

The sedan chair carriers were all stunned and immediately entered the sedan chair to investigate what was going on. However, they realized that the maidservant who was originally sitting in the sedan chair to keep watch was already unconscious.

On the seat, the young maiden was lazily holding up her chin and her hair was loosely hanging down, covering the mat of the seat, appearing breathtakingly beautiful.

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