World Dominating Empress Physician

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Birth of Baby Fox VI

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“I should thank you all for bringing me away from the Bai family.”

The corner of the young maiden’s lips lifted, revealing a smile that was as beautiful as flowers blooming. “Later, please help me to tell Yu Rong that I will settle the score between us in the future!”

The four sedan chair carriers were stunned. By the time they had regained their senses, a gust of wind had flashed past and the person in the sedan chair was long gone, leaving behind only the cool night wind that stimulated their nerves...


Bai Yan did not know that her departure had stirred up an uproar in Liu Huo Kingdom.

The Qian family did not receive the person and had naturally gone to seek out Yu Rong to settle the score. In order to ensure the Qian family kept the secret, not only was Yu Rong unable to receive the gift but she even had to compensate a large sum of silver. This made her, who originally hated Bai Yan, hate Bai Yan even more and gnash her teeth in hatred.

Compared to Yu Rong, Old Madam Yu felt even more heartache.

The moment she thought about the Tier 3 pill which was just about to land into her hands flying away, she felt so much heartache that she started bawling on the streets. Yu Rong immediately made up an excuse for her own mother, saying that her old mother had always treated Bai Yan as her own granddaughter, but who knew that Bai Yan would leave without a word and elope with a man, making her old mother so worried and reluctant that she ended up bawling.

Therefore, news that Old Madam Yu was someone who was sentimental and righteous while Bai Yan was a white eyed wolf1 spread throughout all the streets and alleys. magic

In an instant, the people of the Bai family became famous and even the Old Madam Yu was admired by the world, while Bai Yan was the one who was reviled.

The person who was most hurt by Bai Yan’s departure was Bai Xiao. He locked himself in his room for a few months and after he came back out, the originally immature young man had already metamorphosed into maturity. His eyes no longer had the clearness it once contained, but was instead replaced with a cold detachment...


Many months later, in a barren valley, Bai Yan tightly held her aching stomach as cold sweat dripped from her forehead. She gritted her teeth as she stood up and leaned against a rock.

“I estimated that there should be two days left before labor. Why am I about to give birth now?”

At this place, there wasn’t any tools to aid birth and there wasn’t even a basin of hot water...

“Good thing I’d prepared some pills beforehand.”

She slowly let out a breath and swallowed a pill after she took it out. When the pill entered her mouth, she felt that her strength, which had waned, slowly recovering...

Squeak squeak.

Not knowing when, a group of fire foxes had surrounded her.

Bai Yan felt nervous in her heart and originally thought that these fire foxes would hurt her. Who would have known that they were actually encircling her to keep her protected within, like loyal guards on duty.

Demon beasts?

Bai Yan looked at this group of fire foxes, deep in thought.

In this mainland, there were ordinary wild beasts and similarly, there were also demon beasts.

These demon beasts could be tamed by humans and contracted, used in battle, and there were also forces that specialized in taming demon beasts, such as the Demon Beast Sect.

However, what she could not comprehend was why these fire foxes wished to protect her.

No, it should be said, wish to protect her child!

Not knowing if it was the effect of the pill or if the child in her stomach really wanted to come out, this time, with a hard push, a soft thing slid out from her body.


Just as the child was born, the fire foxes that were originally encircling her instantly took a few steps backward and knelt to the ground in a uniform manner. Their paws were brought forward and they cupped their paws, like a group of officials kneeling in worship of their king.

However, in places that Bai Yan could not see, all the demon beasts on the mainland were like these fire foxes, kneeling down in worship in the direction she was at.

A sign from heaven, all beasts greets their king!

A king was born, and the world to be united as one!


Bai Yan was not bothered about the changes that were happening in the outside world. She was already shocked silly by the scene before her...

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