World Dominating Empress Physician

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Birth of Baby Fox VII

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Who could tell her why was the child she had given birth to a fox without fur?

Furthermore, this fox was actually holding onto her clothes and calling her mother?

Forget the fact that she had just given birth to a fox. How could a fox who had just been born speak human language? Was this an attempt to trick her because she wasn’t well read?

“Who are you?”

After holding it in for a long while, Bai Yan finally squeezed out these three words.

“Mother, baby hungry.”

The little fox had a pair of cute eyes. They were clean and ignorant as they latched onto Bai Yan pitifully.

Bai Yan, who was originally feeling depressed over the fact that she had given birth to fox, was thoroughly won over by the little fox’s cuteness...

“Baby hungry, drink milk milk.”

The little fox grabbed Bai Yan’s clothes and slowly crawled onto her body as its perverted little paws tugged her clothes open and slowly started to suckle.


After having its fill, the little fox gave a burp of satisfaction and peacefully closed its eyes to rest in Bai Yan’s embrace.

Bai Yan looked at the little fella sleeping in her arms and a corner in the bottom of her heart was touched. Her gaze slowly turned gentle. “I have given birth to you after ten months of pregnancy. Therefore, no matter who you are, you’re my son whom I’ll protect with my life.”

At this moment, she was still unaware that because of the birth of her child, all beasts were greeting their king, creating a majestic scene.

“State Preceptor, State Preceptor!”

Within a luxurious palace, a young maiden was rushing toward a man who was stargazing. Her expression clearly showed her excitement. “Was that a sight of all beasts worshipping their king earlier? Even the demon beasts in our demon realm were alarmed. Does this mean I have a little nephew already?”

The state preceptor looked toward this reckless young maiden and smiled. “Your Highness, the place at which I had previously sent the king over was the place that the queen would appear at. However, I did not tell the king everything. From what I can tell, the king has found the queen and the next generation’s king of the demon realm has already been born.” magic

In all these years, the king did not marry a wife and did not even have a concubine. It was because of a prophecy that said he needed to wait for his destined wife and only this wife could give birth to the next generation for this king.

All these years, that woman did not appear.

However, not long ago, he noticed from the movement of the stars that the queen was about to come to this world. Therefore, after searching for the accurate location, he directly threw the king there.

“That is great! My imperial brother is finally bidding farewell to all those years of being a male virgin.” The little princess leaped up in excitement as she hugged the state preceptor’s arm as she said in a spoiled manner, “State Preceptor, why don’t you send me over to the mainland? I want to see my imperial sister-in-law and my little nephew.”

“Little princess, I took advantage of the seal’s weakening to send the king over. If you wish to go over, I would need to find an opportunity.” The state preceptor gave a helpless smile as some doting could been seen in his gaze.

The little princess stuck out her tongue cheekily. “Fine. When you find an opportunity, allow me to find my imperial brother and imperial sister-in-law, as well as my cute little nephew.”

Perhaps it was the birth of her nephew that made the little princess very excited, for she, who used to always entangle the state preceptor, did not continue entangling him but instead walked in the direction in which she came from under his pampering gaze.

It was a pity that she had not walked far when she was blocked by a beautiful figure.

“What do you want to do?” The little princess asked without being nice.

“Princess, did the king really go to find that woman?”

This was a woman who was very bewitching. She was like a rose, extremely outstanding and glamourous.

“She’s my imperial brother’s destined wife! If my imperial brother doesn’t go and see her, could it be that he’d see you?” The little princess’ face darkened as she angrily glared at the woman.

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