World Dominating Empress Physician

Chapter 1756 - 1756: Trying to please little Ling ’er (part three)

Chapter 1756: Trying to please little Ling ‘er (part three) magic

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This hearty laughter spread throughout the Lord’s mansion, and also reached the ears of Gu Ya and her servant, who had not yet walked out of the Lord’s mansion.

gu ya tightly clenched her fists as her heart ached, tears appeared in her eyes, turning around to look at the courtyard where laughter came from.

She had been with Tian Yan for many years, but she had never seen Yingying so happy.

That laughter was like a thorn that stabbed her body ruthlessly, causing her to be covered in wounds.

miss, miss, miss! old Gu looked at Gu Ya with some worry. After seeing the tears in her eyes, he became even angrier,” actually, you don’t have to worry too much. She’s just a little girl. The Grand Lord can’t wait for her for more than ten years. Such a little girl can’t threaten you, miss.

Gu Ya bit her pale lips tightly as she looked at the courtyard behind her without blinking. She clenched her fists uncontrollably while her nails were bloodshot.

Seeing Gu Ya not say anything, old Gu continued indignantly,” “However, this girl already knows how to seduce people at such a young age, what will she do when she grows up? I really don’t know what kind of parents can raise such a shameless daughter.”

“old gu!” gu ya’s face darkened and her voice became stern,” remember not to say such words in the future, that girl is only two years old. how could a two year old child do such a thing? ” It’s just that the Lord likes children.”

“So what if he’s two years old? Miss, although the child is a blank piece of paper, don’t forget that there are many parents in this world who instigates their child to seduce the strong. The Lord’s status is so high, it’s not impossible for his parents to instigate this child behind his back.”

Old Gu coldly snorted. The young miss was too innocent. This child was obviously trying to get close to the valley master on purpose and wanted to get close to the dragon and phoenix.

Gu Ya slightly frowned and didn’t say anything more.

Even though she did not believe that a two-year-old child would have the ability to be a Vixen, the Grand Lord’s love for the child still pierced her heart, miss, please! old Gu’s eyes turned cold and he made a throat-cutting gesture,” do you want me to deal with that girl? ”

At that moment, Gu Ya’s face changed as she hurriedly scolded,” “Old Gu, you can’t do this. No matter what this child wants to do, we can’t kill her. Otherwise, the resentful heavenly flame will be very sad.”

she only wanted him and had no intention of hurting the child, besides, she didn’t think that a child could be her match, yingluo.

Killing her was just an unnecessary move, and if Tianyan found out, she would never have another chance in her life.

old gu frowned, miss was too soft-hearted, she should be unscrupulous when dealing with any woman who threatened her status.

However, it was also because of her personality that she was able to stay by the Grand Lord’s side and not be kicked out.

“old gu!”

Seeing old Gu’s unconcealed killing intent, Gu Ya’s face turned a bit colder,” “I said, you are not allowed to touch that girl. She is not my opponent, do you understand? If you touch her and the Grand Lord finds out, I can’t protect you.”

She had followed the Grand Lord for many years and even helped him recover his strength.

However, this did not mean that she could do whatever she wanted.

No one understood the Grand Lord’s temper better than she did. If she annoyed him, he would never care about their old relationship! at that time, she would not be able to plead for old gu.

Old Gu lowered his eyes and said respectfully,” “Miss, 1 understand, Yingluo..”

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