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Chapter 748 (Voidless Empire)

Chapter 748 (Voidless Empire)

Wei Chang and Tang Wei were responsible for the reconstruction of the Imperial Palace and its defence!

The grand scale of the Imperial Palace was not something they could handle alone, so...

Tang Wei took out a piece of white paper and cut out humanoid shapes, while Wei Chang used his magic to turn the paper figures into real people. They chose not to summon skeletons to avoid frightening the residents, as the human race didn't have a favourable view of other races.

Under Wei Chang's illusion, the thousand black-armoured guards all looked alike and stood together like brothers. Following the orders of Wei Chang and Tang Wei, they began the restoration of the entire palace, with Wei Chang handling the materials.

Meanwhile, Lie Gu and his four wives stood outside the city walls, feeling somewhat helpless.

Lie Gu didn't possess the transformation ability that Wei Chang had, and the same was true for his three wives. Although they were extraordinarily strong, they were not skilled in other spells. Facing the massive task of repairing the city walls, they felt a bit inadequate.

"This is not good; Your Honor's task this time is quite challenging," Lie Gu scratched his head, feeling despondent. What the Emperor required was not an ordinary city wall; it needed to be a remarkable one.

Yue Hua stood nearby and softly said, "Don't worry, I have a solution."

"No, I can't bear to see you suffer," Lie Gu thought Yue Hua was going to use her clones to help and immediately refused. He would rather be scolded by the Emperor than see his wife exhausted.

Yue Hua smiled with contentment. She enjoyed how much Lie Gu cared for her; the feeling was delightful.

"Husband, I won't be using my clones," Yue Hua explained with a smile.

Surprised, Yi Ran said, "Yue Hua, you have this kind of ability too?"

"Impressive!" Bai Xiaozhen even gave her a thumbs up. It was fortunate to have Yue Hua by Lie Gu's side, offering assistance where they couldn't.

Lie Gu also hesitated for a moment before using a handful of snow to create a human figure.

Then, Yue Hua used her magic, and the snow gradually transformed into soldiers wearing white armour. Their imposing appearance was quite intimidating.

This was Yue Hua's powerful water control ability, but compared to the black-armoured soldiers, these white-armoured soldiers were slightly weaker. However, as a construction team, they were more than sufficient.

Lie Gu and his three wives started to have fun building snowmen while Yue Hua handled the transformations. Together, they worked tirelessly.

Intense work was underway.

Kai Yun led four subordinates and patrolled the entire empty Voidless Empire.

"I think our department should be called the 'Sovereign Banner.' What do you think?" Kai Yun had a brilliant idea. This would be the law enforcement team of the empire, a formidable existence when the Emperor expanded his territory.

"Banner Master, that's a great idea," Luo Hu said, fanning his white folding fan with a smile.

"Right, I'll talk to Your Honor about it," Kai Yun imagined people coming and going, showing respectful expressions when she appeared. That feeling would be amazing.

"Kung Sha, let some people out; we don't have enough manpower for the city's restoration," Kai Yun was in charge of the city, which naturally included the reconstruction work.

The straw man, Kung Sha, suddenly plucked a straw from his body and threw it into the air.

Gradually, the straw turned into particles and gently fell to the ground.

Visible to the naked eye, those particles seemed to be growing, gradually forming humanoid shapes. In no time, the entire street was filled with yellow-armoured warriors, their expressions wooden and identical to Kung Sha's.

Upon Kung Sha's command, they instantly began working on the repair and reconstruction of damaged buildings.

However, the old residents were suddenly taken aback seeing so many yellow-armoured warriors on the streets. Where did they come from? These soldiers had a robust and sturdy appearance, clearly well-trained. Moreover, they could even fly in the sky, which was incredible!

At this moment, the entire Voidless Empire was undergoing reconstruction, with even Ye Hua and his two wives joining in to help and enjoy themselves.

As a wise woman in business matters, it was not appropriate for Qing Ya to personally intervene, so she entrusted it to Brittany.

Many shops were vacant, and there were damaged buildings as well. In the future, when people came here, they will rent these properties. Selling was not an option because Ye Hua planned to transform the Voidless Empire into a paradise. The prices would undoubtedly soar.

Hearing his wife's words, Ye Hua felt a little embarrassed. Making money was something an emperor should do, and Empress Qing Ya was indeed a smart woman.

The Death Mage and Xun Fang were responsible for a simple task: making the land fertile. magic

A simple spell was enough. They also renovated the surrounding areas of the Voidless Empire and dug trenches to divert river water.

As an empire, it couldn't be without a water source.

Currently, the Green and Red brothers are contemplating how to make the streets bustling with people.

"Lu Hong, we need specialty products!" Selena suggested.

Her sister, Celine, said, "Yes, we need to create business opportunities here and attract merchants."

However, Yi Hong sighed, "But the environment here isn't great, and there aren't many unique products."

Zi Shan slapped the table, "Since we don't have unique products, let's create our own brand!"

Lu Hong and Yi Hong were stunned.

"Wife, what are you planning to do?" Yi Hong curiously asked.

"We want to run a business for women!" Zi Shan thought of a good idea.

Celine immediately understood Zi Shan's intention and said, "Zi Shan, your idea is great!"

"Yes, let's do it!" Selena also agreed.

On the other hand, Lu Hong looked at Yi Hong, and Yi Hong looked at his elder brother. They had no idea what these women were talking about.

The reconstruction's progress changed every day, and the Voidless Empire looked different each day. Following Ye Hua's orders, the eastern city wall was directly abandoned, while the northern and southern walls extended infinitely, all the way to the sea ten kilometres away!

Because Ye Hua wanted to create a port! Only then could trade prosper.

By expanding the territory, they could achieve two things at once. As an emperor, the Imperial Palace must be in the central area!

So, the entire Imperial Palace was relocated!

The streets were widened, and tall buildings were left aside; such structures were not suitable here. The original style was preserved.

One month later!

All the work was completed!

The city walls of the Voidless Empire shone with golden brilliance, especially when illuminated by sunlight, it could blind people's eyes!

If enemies invaded and saw these gleaming walls, they would be directly blinded.

Yet, these were not ordinary city walls; they were imbued with various spells from Yue Hua. To break through these walls required considerable strength; otherwise, they might be killed by the walls.

On top of the walls, a white-armoured soldier stood every five Zhang, scanning the boundless white snow. [16.667 metre]

Every hundred Zhang, there was a city tower, and the flags of the Voidless Empire hung from these towers! [333.333 metre]

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