You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 749 (Who Will Save Me?)

Chapter 749 (Who Will Save Me?)

The banner was a bright red colour with a pattern drawn by Donghuang Li on the spot. Ye Hua was very satisfied with it, so he decided to use his daughter's impromptu creation. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi did not object either.

They even had it stitched with golden thread to make it more prominent.

Donghuang Li's pattern was quite interesting, with two intersecting blades above a heart shape.

This was what Donghuang Li wanted to express - using weapons to protect one's home, with warmth and killing mixed together.

If it were according to Ye Hua's previous thinking, there would be two blades with a skull placed on top; that would be his style. But now he thought it was good. As the true Emperor, he wanted to protect his entire family, the people he loved, with absolute power!

All the work had been completed, and now they were waiting for people to enter the city!

However, after a month, there were only the elderly and the vast expanse of snow. This left Ye Hua feeling a bit disappointed. How could no one come?

His territory, the Voidless Empire, had no one coming! How was that possible!

Did he have to go around handing out leaflets? Begging people to come live in the Voidless Empire? It was so frustrating!

Ye Hua directly called the Green and Red brothers into the palace!

The palace had been completely renovated and was now exuding grandeur. The floor was made of a material called "Quadruple Green Jade," taken from the skin of an ancient beast. Depending on the temperature, the skin would change colours. It provided warmth in winter and coolness in summer, and it was incredibly hard, making it the perfect flooring material. The base of the surrounding pillars was red in colour, but that was actually blood!

The blood was also from the ancient beast, emitting a unique fragrance. This fragrance could affect one's emotions; if a person was happy, it would amplify their joy, and if they were fearful, it would magnify their fear.

Of course, it had no effect on those with powerful strength, so Ye Hua found it pleasant.

On the red pillars were lifelike divine dragons, real dragons, not decorations. As long as Ye Hua gave the order, six ancient divine dragons would instantly appear!

Of course, Ye Hua sat on the dragon throne, and the armrests were dragon claws, while the backrest had a fierce dragon head, staring ahead, giving a powerful sense of intimidation.

Ye Hua was now wearing a golden robe, looking handsome and imposing.

However, Ye Hua finally understood why Donghuang Baizhi was always so busy. She had to handle all kinds of matters, big and small, by herself. At first, it was quite interesting, but after a week, Ye Hua just handed everything over to his two wives and went to teach the children because they were about to have their own tasks.

The Green and Red brothers stood trembling below, bowing slightly, with their wives behind them.

"It has been a month! Why haven't I seen bustling and lively streets? I don't need explanations! I want results!" Ye Hua asked the Green and Red brothers in a low voice.

The Green and Red brothers didn't know how to explain. Their wives had come up with the idea of making lingerie as a specialty product!

Oh heavens! Their wives' ideas were truly too crazy, but even if they managed to produce them, it was useless if no one came to buy them.

Furthermore, the Emperor had ordered that no advertising was allowed. If they could advertise, the Green and Red brothers would have distributed leaflets long ago.

Seeing the Green and Red brothers and their wives remain silent, Ye Hua asked sternly, "Just tell me, how can I cooperate to restore popularity here?"

"Your Majesty, we need some advertising!" Zi Shan said respectfully. It couldn't work without advertising.

Ye Hua didn't want to go that route; it made him feel like he was begging them to come live here.

But waiting here without advertising was quite boring!

Lu Hong respectfully said, "Your Honor, we can go and gather some small villages, let them know about this place and experience its environment. Then the news will spread, and people from all around will come to live here. With popularity, resources will follow!"

Ye Hua furrowed his brow tightly, pondering for a long time before saying, "Arrange it then! If you need more manpower, get others to help!"

The five of them were delighted to hear this. As long as the Emperor relaxed the conditions, it would be much better. It would only take a month!

They guaranteed that one-fifth of the Voidless Empire would be occupied. In half a year, it will be booming!

After watching the Green and Red brothers leave, Ye Hua slumped back on the dragon throne. This position wasn't that great; it was quite boring being an Emperor.

Forget it, it had been a while since he had visited Yutong. He probably needed to cheer her up again. He had been neglecting her lately; she was such a poor little girl. He would make sure she was taken care of.

As Ye Hua relaxed his policies, the Green and Red brothers, along with their wives, began to spread the word in the surrounding areas. The effect was quite good; after a week, Ye Hua saw people appearing around the city gates one after another.

This excited Ye Hua greatly. As expected, he had a way of governing the country without relying solely on military power. He was still formidable!

As for Wei Chang, he received a secret mission from Ye Hua. After all, Ye Hua hadn't come here to play at governing a country; he was here for revenge!

The plan was about to begin!

Outside the ancient country of Divine Steppes, Wei Chang and Tang Wei walked to the side of the road, looking at the city walls outside the country.

In their hearts, they thought that the walls were too simple compared to the walls of the Voidless Empire. The green stones on the walls were indeed hard, but when faced with powerful individuals, they were easily shattered.

However, there were many people here, like on this road; it was full of people entering the city. Some were riding ordinary horse carriages, while nobles rode luxurious carriages. The weather here was also quite pleasant, unlike the snow-covered land of the Voidless Empire.

"Uncle Wei, it's been so long since we've gone out like this," Tang Wei said softly, holding Wei Chang's arm.

Having been together for over six years, Wei Chang was truly well-behaved, not even touching her once. Sometimes Tang Wei wondered if she was not good-looking or not sexy enough, but it turned out that it had nothing to do with that.

Even now, Wei Chang was still very reserved, not even putting his arm around her waist. Sometimes Tang Wei really wanted to have Lie Gu teach Wei Chang how to flirt with girls.

Looking at Zi Shan and Li Hun, she couldn't help but feel envious. How happy they were.

Wei Chang smiled slightly, "Little Tang, we are here to complete the task given by Your Honor."

Tang Wei: "..."

Wei Chang was just like that, not very romantic at all, and only she could tolerate him. If it were another girl, she would have gone crazy.

"Uncle Wei, do you love me?" Tang Wei said softly, her tone carrying a hint of grievance.

Wei Chang was slightly stunned for a moment, then said, "Of course."

"Then why don't you show it?" magic

"Show it? How should I show it?"

Tang Wei: "..."

"I think you don't love me anymore, Uncle Wei," Tang Wei was upset and sometimes really wanted to knock on Wei Chang's head, but she didn't dare, as she felt sorry for him.

Wei Chang gently stroked Tang Wei's beautiful hair, "Don't worry. If I don't love you, I will let you know in advance."

Tang Wei was left in a daze, feeling like crying, feeling desperate. 'Who will save me…'

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